Participation in the Clinician & Group component of the CAHPS Database is open to all practices, clinicians, provider care services, groups and vendors that administer surveys according to CAHPS specifications.

In return, participating organizations can use the Online Reporting System to view their own results compared to national and regional benchmarks.

The CAHPS Database supports multiple versions of the Clinician & Group Survey.

What to Submit

To participate in the Clinician & Group Survey component, you must provide the CAHPS Database with the following elements:

Online Submission

To participate in the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey component, participants or their vendors must register for an account to access the Online Submission System. All required information must be received during the submission period and approved by the CAHPS Database by the deadline. Each questionnaire, Data Use Agreement, and data file will be reviewed by the CAHPS Database.

Learn more about submission requirements and submitting Clinician & Group data.