The reporting of survey results to consumers is central to the concept of CAHPS, which was intended from its inception to be a reliable and useful tool for health care consumers. CAHPS reports are specifically intended to inform consumers about available health plan or provider choices and support them in making good decisions.

Guidelines for Reporting CAHPS Survey Results

To help sponsors optimize the effectiveness of their reports, this section offers guidelines and strategies based on consumer testing conducted by the CAHPS Consortium, the experiences of CAHPS researchers and sponsors, and published literature on related topics.


The reporting guidelines provided on this site are intended as a starting point. TalkingQuality provides more comprehensive information on reporting various kinds of comparative quality information to health care consumers.

Research on Reporting

Members of the CAHPS Consortium conduct multiple research projects to contribute to the science of public reporting and support the effective reporting of CAHPS survey measures to consumers, clinicians, and other audiences.

List of CAHPS Measures

The Pocket Guide is a combined list of the quality measures drawn from the CAHPS surveys.