Cycle reprenting steps in producing a quality report: Plan, Create, Disseminate and AssessAre you trying to help health care consumers choose high-quality health plans, hospitals, doctors, or other providers of care? Explore this site to learn how to communicate quality information that's understandable and useful.

How to produce effective reports

Plan your reporting project

What is your project's scope and how will you achieve your goals?

Create your report

What will you report? How will you explain and present this information?

Disseminate your report

How will you ensure that people have and use the information?

Assess your reporting project

How will you know what worked and what to do differently next time?

  • Make the case for consumer reporting
    Equip yourself with compelling arguments for giving consumers comparative information on health care quality.
  • Check out real reports
    Search the Report Card Compendium, a national directory of comparative reports on the quality of health care organizations.